When will I receive my order?

 Our processing time is 3-7 days for U.S. orders. If ordering internationally, please consult your shipping service.


Is the packaging discreet?

Yes! All our packages ship in discreet shipping boxes, and will not list what is inside.


Are you paid to recommend these toys? Are they sponsored?

No! All the products I sell are 100% honestly recommended by me after repeated use in my professional life, personal relationships, and parties I attend. I've tested them all repeatedly and make sure their pleasure meets my (and my lover's) standards before recommending them here.


Can I get a refund / return a product?

Due to the nature of the products we're selling, we do not accept returns. If an item is out of stock and you don't wish to wait for a restock, we can partially or fully refund an order.


What if I have another question?

Reach out at [email protected]!